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Beijing – Before all, about one million people stood outside one of the top hospitals of the capital

He was hoping to meet with a specialist, the opportunity to access the best health care in the country. The scholar stopped the medical facilities of the fee, to avoid the government’s repeatedl.

A Beijing resident tried to try his father to see Neurologist. Senior lawmaker from an eastern province Lyonon, needs another opinion about her daughter’s blood loss.

Mao Ning, who was supporting her friend, met with a patriarchist, reached 4:00 in the middle of the line.

It seems like this is an unrealistic approach and is not according to our national situation. We should not do this, right? Must be a proper system. ”

A long feature of a visit to the hospital in China, long lines, is an all-round healthcare system.

In the last three decades, an economic boom chain has transformed into the world’s second largest economy with poor agriculture. The cradle-tomb system of social medicine improves the hope of life and reduced the death rate of mothers.

But the system can not properly support China’s population of over a billion people. The main difference and instability is the risk of China’s development, social stability, and weakening financial health – making a serious challenge for President Zinging and Communist Party.

Then, there are scandals. In July, thousands of children were injected with wrong vaccines. The news angered public, unprecedented confidence in the government and increased the frustration with the health care system.

While wealthy foreigners reach the top hospitals at the top of the hospital, most people are regulating in hospitals as many as possible. In nearby areas, people must travel on hundreds of miles to control close clinics, or to find nearby facilities.


There is no basic maintenance system operating in the country, the first line of defense for illness and injury. According to the World Health Organization, there is a general practitioner for every 6666 people in China, compared to international standards of 1,500 to 2,000 people.

Instead of going to the doctor’s office or community clinic, people reach hospitals to see experts, even because of markets and headache. According to state media, in this winter, patients with badly infected patients took shelter in the night camps with blankets in the streets of Beijing hospitals.

The hospitals have been removed from incredible and weapons. Experts are more employed, looking at 200 patients a day.

And gets disappointed, with people aware of violence. In China, attacks on doctors are so common that they have a name: “boat,” or “medical trouble.”

In 2016, Mr. Z held the country’s long-term blueprint for improving the foundation of the country in 1949. After the healthy China connected to 2030, it promoted health promotion and further medical care.

The Chinese government has taken more than the doctors’ deficit as dealing with its growing population’s health problems. According to the World Bank report, accountability of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and chronic finger disease in China is about 80% of death.

The spokesperson of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, Mao Qunan admitted that hospitals can not meet the needs of the people.

“Mav said” If you do not find grass roots, medical problems can not be solved in China. “” So we’re trying to return to the normal state what we’re doing now. ”

Lack of respect

Some morning morning, a general practitioner in Shanghai, Dr. Huang Doshi, riding his motorcycle at the nursing home, he cures about 40 patients in a week. During lunch, they return to their clinic so that they can return their stock at stock and then to the nursing home.

After that, he calls three or four people at home. In other days, he goes to his clinic, where he sees 70 patients. On the night, they advise patients with high blood pressure medicines and cold, who call it on their mobile phone.


For this, Dr. Huang has played a monthly $ 1,340 month – almost like that he was starting an internal medicine expert 12 years ago.

Dr. Huang said, “The general status of the general practitioner is not too much,” he said wearing a gray nike T-shirt and jeans under his doctor’s coat. “It seems that when you compare us experts, there is still a big difference.”

In a country where equality is paid equally, in public opinion, family doctors have low status and weak credentials than experts. According to a 2017 survey, the Chinese Academy of Medical Medical College of the Beijing Union Medical College, in almost 18,000 doctors, thought only one third that they respect from the public.


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